About Me

I have been having hair extensions, for over 20 years now, and have tried most methods of application with most types of hair. I decided to start doing hair extensions as I was becoming increasingly fed up with handing over large sums of money to then be completely unhappy with the result!

I am artistic by nature, and have always been good with hair. Unfortunately it became 'the norm' to come home from various salons, order more hair and start correcting the terrible mess various 'qualified' hair extensionists had made of my hair :( e.g.. bad colour match, visible hair line, extensions so tight resulting in a headache for over a week and hair loss, hair extensions that fall out on a daily basis, hair that dries out and matts together after only a few washes, not having enough hair extensions, to name but a few...

My goal, when I started my business was to provide a service where ladies, like myself, didn't have to go through any of these traumas.

I qualified from a well known beauty institute in 2009, where I was horrified to learn that after a day's course I was expected to go out into the big wide world inflicting my services on unsuspecting individuals... Not feeling comfortable doing that, I extensively practiced. First on a dummy head, over and over again, then on friends and family. I researched... any information I could find anywhere I took in, until I was confident that I could provide a competent service that people would be happy with. Almost anyone can go and complete one of these courses, but unfortunately the only way you learn, is by lots and lots of practice!

I have been in this profession now for nearly 8 years and still enjoy providing a service that makes a massive difference to the way we ladies feel about ourselves.

I have recently relocated from Bournemouth to Devon to be close to my family. I aim to provide the same quality of service that I enjoyed in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas :)

I have been very lucky to work with some gorgeous ladies during my career, ranging from working mums, to students, models and even a footballer's wife!

Please take a look at my gallery.... (all the ladies featured in my website, are genuine customers)
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